• 16 OCT 15
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    Simulation and patient safety

    This resource has been developed to support the communication of the benefits of simulation in healthcare to anyone interested in accessing or understanding simulation, and to help demonstrate the value it brings to organisations beyond being an education tool.

    The benefits of simulation in healthcare are obvious to those who deliver and participate in simulation experiences, but because the cost to provide quality simulation is often much more than providing traditional teaching methods, the value it provides to an organisation may not be immediately appreciated by executive teams. The department believes the evidence that links simulation to patient safety can help to demonstrate that value.

    Included is a quick guide to developing an elevator pitch, to support people to be prepared when there is an opportunity to promote a simulation program or idea. There are also some key statements and references to support messages about the benefits of simulation. Case studies have been contributed by our simulation community to provide you with ideas and insights into different simulation programs, as well as tips around how to get buy-in for simulation programs.

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